Get to know our speakers

Xavier Vasques

Xavier Vasques.jpg“Artificial Intelligence Will Improve Humanity”

Xavier Vasques is a mathematician and neuroscientist. In 2005, Xavier received his Master’s Degree in Applied Mathematics from the University of Pierre et Marie Curie co-habilited École Normale Supérieure and École Polytechnique (France). In 2008, Xavier received his Master’s Degree in Engineering (Computer Science) from the Conservatoire National des Arts et Metiers and his Ph.D. in Neurosciences from the Montpellier Faculty of Medicine.

Now, Xavier is the CTO of IBM Systems Hardware in France and the head of Clinical Neurosciences Research Laboratory (LRENC) in France. Xavier is passionate about artificial intelligence and mathematics applied to neurosciences.

Xavier will speak about how artificial intelligence can improve humanity, specifically by providing elevated expertise, time compression and most importantly, deeper human engagement and relationship.


Richard Lamb 

Screen Shot 2017-09-07 at 09.38.45.png

“Predicting the Future is Easy!”

Futurologist & Trend Strategist Richard lamb is founder of Future Agency. Since 1989 he provided strategic advice to countless enterprises and governments. He precisely predicted the financial crisis of 2008 and the long economic recovery up to 2020. How could he do that?

Based on his experience and background in Information Science at the Delft University of Technology Richard developed the so called ‘TO DO Method for Trends; Opportunities; Deliverables and Objectives’. With this tool he’s able to predict the future and translate it into innovative change strategies for organisations and individuals.

Richard’s thesis: “Predicting the Future is Easy…if you know how to do it.” And guess what: during his TEDx Talk he actually shows you how to do it. Richard will also explain the Future Funnel and the two Law’s of Lamb. He will enable the audience to sketch their own future perspective from now on.


Charlotte Mouyal


“Self awareness can change your life”

Charlotte is an international speaker and a teen & family coach who helps young people achieve great self esteem and give them strength and power from within to be able to face challenges in life. She also helps families with teens to create better communication within the family.

Until 3 years ago,Charlotte has lived an unconscious life where self awareness wasn’t a part of her life, nor was this word part of her vocabulary. She decided to do something about it and became the captain of her own life, and has experienced on herself what it means to be self aware, and how it can change a person’s life by simply being aware of how you think, what you say and how you perceive the outer as well as the inner world. She will share her ideas on the importance of self awareness teaching in the education for children and teenagers, and how it may very much likely be life-changing.


Ivan Ortega

“eHome – DIY Guide to Urban Off-grid Living”

Ivan Ortega.jpg
As an aspiring “learn it all,” Ivan Felipe Ortega Trejo, is a modern day world citizen who carries with him three passports from Mexico, USA, & The Netherlands.  Ivan’s curiosity and thirst to discover the world have allowed him to travel up to 41 countries and territories to date.

Along the way, he has managed to build a broad range of corporate, political, labour and community organising experiences as well as studies in the fields of Political Science, Ethnic Studies, and Business.
Next year, Ivan will embark on pursuing his Doctorate where both his personal and professional curiosities will be merged in studying ‘Sustainable Supply Chain Analytics’ or in short the study of how we can use data & statistics (science) to improve global logistics all the while not harming people, profit, nor planet.


Richard Morris

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“At My Age”

Richard Morris is a lecturer at Hotelschool The Hague and a founder of Usatinsky Fine Art & Bow Ties.

In his TEDx Hotelschool talk “At My Age,” English lecturer and small business owner Richard Morris contemplates entrepreneurship in his 50s, and how having dreams can come at any stage of life. This will be closely intertwined with his personal reflexions about the trials and tribulations of education, work, parenthood and owning a business, demonstrating that a “Brave New World” can emerge when you least expect it and opportunities are nearly as easy to come by as tying a bow tie.


Matt Stewart 

“Stop Calling (them) Millennials or Gen Z!”

Matt Stewart.jpgMatt Stewart is an Executive Coach who helps post-secondary students achieve success both academically and in launching their careers. Over the years he has worked in Healthcare, Global Finance and the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Winter Games.

After a diagnosis of an incurable form of leukemia he decided to leave his successful coaching practice in Canada’s Financial district and moved to a small mountain town in British Columbia to work at a post-secondary school.

Now Matt makes the argument we should stop labelling people with generational stereotypes like Millennials or Generation Zs. Matt believes we should introduce the concepts of executive coaching into the classroom and our workplaces in order to develop and refine the non-cognitive (aka soft skills) of the next generation. Instead of focusing on the generational stereotypes, as a society, we should focus on reframing how we support the success of the next generation