Become part of the team!

Our TEDx is looking for volunteers to make this event perfect! Send your application to , and tell us what is your motivation through a letter or a short video. Don’t forget to mention in which department you would like to shine:


Guest Service

You are hospitable – always ready with a smile; attentive – prepared to help others with their questions; and service oriented. You will be assisting the registration, the seat guidance and the catering on the day of the event.


Sales & Promotion

If you are given a euro, you are confident to come back with a jar of cookie, a box of clothes, and a latest plasma television. Your friendly personality is a social magnet and you won’t take no for an answer. You will be assisting in the ticket sales a few weeks prior to the event. If you’re feeling adventurous, help us reach out to more universities and colleges in The Netherlands and spread the impact!



You are a born artist. You have a professional camera and capturing people at their best moment is your expertise. You will be assisting on the day of the event to document the event with pictures from the check-in to the dinner.